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The Villagers' Families - Ruined

7 Iunie 2007
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Scores of families from Tansa risk having no more animals and food. But for the irresponsibility of some representatives of a certain company in the commune, there has been caused a loss which amounts to almost 1, 5 billion Lei, having completely destroyed scores of corn hectares. A helicopter which was pulverizing herbicides for company Terra-Nord 2005 SRL, from unknown reasons, also sprayed the corn crops of the villagers', on an area of 41 hectares. A couple of days later, the whole crop seared. The villagers had not been announced on the herbicide work and, while being on the field and hoeing, they were also pulverized with herbicides. The area is very poor; moreover, it is also affected by drought, the villagers complaining on the impossibility of breading animals. The responsible man on the territory from the company which is guilty for having caused the disaster seemed to be very calm, considering that the whole question was minor.
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