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The Virgin Prostitute's Ponce

16 Iunie 2007
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A young girl of Iasi - trafficked and forced to hustle for the interest of a young man of Iasi - has affirmed her virginity in front of the investigators. There have been heard plenty men having bed with that prostitute, who had begun her activity only a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, the judges decided to issue a warrant of preventive arrest on Nicu Chirascu's name, for having trafficked three minors of Iasi.

The girls have taken some sums between 500 thousand Lei (50 RON) and 1 million Lei (100 RON) for a sex. Chirascu's concubine and his future mother-in-law also used to take part to the net. "These ones from the Prosecution Department may kiss my ass. They threatened me with the arrestment when the baby would be two years, but this thing cannot happen", stated the man's concubine.

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