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The vultures' discontent

6 Noiembrie 2006
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The UMF rector has criticated in front of the members' senate the newspaper Ziua de Iasi, being dissatisfied because durring a period of time the journalistic inquest publicated in the mentioned newspaper, with certain documents has proved the illegalities commitied in this higher medical institution of education. The memorial made of UMF will be advanced to the Romanian Club of Press and precisely the UMF's leadership required a debate to be organised at Iasi where they want to invite Cristian Tudor Popescu, the president of the club. Cristian Tudor Popescu has declared that after the memorial will arrive at the Romanian Club of Press and will analyse the situation and he hopes that the UMF members will relate the facts. The attempt of UMF's Iasi leadership has the scope to hide the institution's illegalities. Almost all members of the university's leadership of Iasi or the partisans had been involved in scandals regarding the public money, in sexual scandals or in academic promovations based on other criterias instead of the proffesional ones. Brought probably in stage of ultimate discontent because of the Ziua reporters disclosures, based on journalistic inquests, the leading staff of Medicine and Farmaceutics University (UMF) Iasi try by all means to cover up all that is happening in this institution.
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