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The Wage-earners do not receive stock from Antibiotics S.A.Iasi

25 Octombrie 2006
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After the discussions with the Authority For Capitalizinf the Governmental Actives(AVAS),the earners from Antibiotics SA were left without 10 per cent from their stock,rate that they asked for from the Government,once with the privatisation,at apreferential price,corresponding to the nominal value of a share."I think that no sooner than on next year`s February is the privatisation to be finished, the quotations of the Stock Exchange being taken as a referential price for the stock pack owned by AVAS.The value is between 1,3 and 1,5 RON ,in my opinion.I know that today(yesterday) a share from Antibiotics got to 1,7 RON(17 thousand lei),but many people are saying that this is only a cojectural price" ,the manager of Antibiotics Sa.Iasi declared yesterday.

"AVAS cannot sell 10 per cent from Antibiotics` stock to the earners with a preferential price",Razvan Orasanu ,the director of AVAS asserts.Ha met the representatives of Antibiotics SA`s earners,and,as a consequence to the latter`s demand to profit by a pack of 10 per cent from Antibiotics ` stock ,after the example given by BCR Petrom.

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