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The War of the Lances

2 Aprilie 2007
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Since the order for setting up the Vascular Surgery Department, within Sf. Spiridion Hospital, Prof. Dr. Eugen Tarcoveanu and Prof. Dr. Cristian Dragomir have been fighting openly. The head of Clinic I Surgery, Surgeon Tarcoveanu does not want to assign the space where the Clinic of Hematology has been functioned to the new department. He has stated that, eventually, there will be done as UMF's rector, Prof. Dr. Cristian Dragomir wants. "UMF wants Clinic I Surgery no more and there is being applied the Romanian system, that's what I want. The Department of Vascular Surgery to be set up at the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases and Transplant, as they have enough room there", stated Surgeon Tarcoveanu. Manager Barlibaba will call again for a meeting with the two heads of clinic in order to talk upon, for the third or fourth time, the question of the room that Clinic I Surgery should assign. The setting up of the Vascular Surgery Department from Sf. Spiridon Hospital has caused a dichotomy between the heads of the surgery clinics I and III within the mentioned institution, Prof. Dr. Eugen Tarcoveanu and, respectively Prof. Dr. Cristian Dragomir. All this disorder started when this clinic needed a room and none of the two heads of clinic wanted to give up.
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