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Thereby Hangs a Tale - Examination for Notaries

2 Decembrie 2006
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Vanda Vlasov, Mihail Vlasov`s daughter, passed the exam at a difference of some hundredths from Traian Basescu`s daughter and she wants to come to Iasi as a notary. The candidates sustain that at the practic exam there were some codes by which a certain concurent could be favoured. " The economic power of Iasi is decreasing and the capitals are also down for the notaries that work in the city. The ones from the village will have no chance for surviving and, economically,they are to commit suicide", declared notary Viorel Popica. The notaries indict each other. But for his boldness of having taken from the municiple`s clientage, a notary has been suspended. This year, there were eight probationers from Iasi for the appointment of public notary, and only one of them failed. There are two ways of obtaining this profession: one by the exam sustained by the probationers and the other through the exam sustained by the ones that have an experience of at least five years in the juridic domain. It is Vanda Vlasov the only candidate from Iasi that gave an examination for public notaries, coming from the juridic domain.
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