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Three Minors From Iasi Sought All Over the Country

10 Noiembrie 2006
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Three minors from Iasi are being pursuited for having run away from orphanages for a long time. Since the beginning of the year ,125 children have disappeared in Iasi. As having been lost for a long time and as certain information affirm their presence in other counties than Iasi,a general pursuit of the three is being developed.Constantin Laurentiu Harjan (15 years old) from Schitu Duca and Constantin Fedeles (14 years old) from Pascani left on the 12th of Octobre without the permission from the Orphanage "Sfantul Stelian"and have not appeared so far.Another minor,Sergiu Balan (14 years old),resided in Tamaseni commune ,Neamt county ,left on the 3rd of Novembre from the Centre of the Congregation "The Christian Schools` Brethren",Iasi town.
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