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Thrown Away By E.ON

4 Noiembrie 2006
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After 50 years of continuous work ,The Poupular Vocational School of Art might disappear .SC E.ON SA` s managership is going to sell the room where the school has been functioning for years.Well-known names from pop music,canto,jazz,visual arts have graduated from this school which is thrown away on the street now ,without an alternative from the local officialdom.The school`s managership invested almost half a billion lei in the present location ,money obtained from the students` taxes.

After 50 of continuous activity,The Popular Vocational School of Art ,the only of its type in Iasi, might dissappear because it would be evicted from the building where it has been working for years ,the ex-hostel of The Energetical Highschool ,situated nearby E.On Moldova SA`s centre.The company`s managership is going to sell the hostel ,implicitly the tenants being left homeless.


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