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Today's Verdict for "Bribery to the Prefect" Record

19 Februarie 2007
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The prosecutors from the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Bucharest decide today whether "Bribery to the Prefect" Record can still be judged at the Court of Iasi or it is to be shifted to other law court in the country. The prosecutors considered that there is a conflict of interests related to this file's trial at Iasi, as long as Radu Prisecaru was the county's prefect. The prosecutors from the High Court of Cassation and Justice from Bucharest decide today upon the follow-on concerning "Bribery to the Prefect" Record. More clearly, the judges from Bucharest must sentence on the bill enunciated by the prosecutors within the National Anti- Corruption Department (DNA) concerning the shift of the file from the Court of Iasi to another national law court of the same grade.
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