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Treptow Can Hardly Wait For the Sentence

6 Ianuarie 2007
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Yesterday, Treptow brought to the Bench the manuscript for the book dedicated to Vlad Tepes, which is to be found in bookshops." As Romania is an European country, the prosecutor should not remonstrate against my claim.

As long as for all the ones of 30-40 years old, who are in the first or in the second grade during the detention, this period of study is taken into account as a period of work, why isn't this also put into practice in my case?", said Treptow to the judges. The jury is going to decide upon this problem.
Concerning justice, Kurt Wiliam Treptow could make history in Romania. He is about to become the only prisoner from our country ever released for having written a book. Yesterday, he affirmed in front of the judges it was not fare that his work of writing a history book during the detention had not been not taken into account in a similar manner to the ones' that work on the farms of the penitentiary's, cropping beet.

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