Two Million Euros’ Infusion

Publicat: 25 iun. 2007

Iasi County begins to change its economic destiny: for the first time, it has the chance to bargain off the label which nominates it as one of the poorest zones in the country. The estimations of the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi show that, in the following 5 years, the volume of the private investments in Iasi will exceed the sum of 2 million Euros. Palas Project – 170 million Euros, Era Project, 7 supermarkets – 100 million Euros, the modernization of the Airport – 200 million Euros, some centers of production and a residential district on the place of ex-SC Nicolina SA – 500 million Euros, the building of a set of dwellings – Green Park, Cubis, Dream Village and Copou Bellevue – 300 million Euros are only some of the great projects which are going to be developed in the following five years.

To these there are also added some million Euros’ investments, started off by the municipality and by the County Board, in order to rehabilitate the road infrastructure, the thermal supply system, the rehabilitation of the cold water supply system by RAJAC, the Exhibition Center etc. „If this money is invested as it should, the whole aspect of the town is totally changed”, stated yesterday Vasile Cocris, the Dean of the Faculty of Economic Studies and Management.

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