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Two of our fellow-citizens - elected to represent us in the European Parliament

26 Noiembrie 2007
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Dumitru Oprea, the rector of the university Al I Cuza Iasi and the professor Mihaela Popa are two of the 35 elected deputies that will go to represent us in the europarliament . Dumitru Oprea and Mihaela Popa are members of the democratic party, winning with a majority of 31.5% votes , according to the first exit poll. On national level, the exit polls made public the first results of the elections. On the 2 place there is the social democratic party, with 21.1% of the votes, while the national liberal party of the premier won the 15,6%. 89.2% of the Romanians that have presented yesterday to the ballot box , voted for the adoption of the single-member vow.
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