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Two Vets Have Brained Each Other

14 Aprilie 2007
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The local vet Toader Armeanu was transported yesterday to the Emergency, as one of his colleagues, an authorized vet, had brained him with a garbage can (an ash pot). The violence was determined by a verbal conflict between them, concerning the reimbursements Armeanu should have signed for to the authorized vet from Popricani, Gavril Gramada. The latter risks a criminal record for physical injury. Doctor Toader Armenu, from the Sanitary- Veterinary Department for the Aliments Safety (DSVSA) was transported yesterday morning to the Emergency, as one of his colleagues, an authorized vet at Popricani, Dr. Gramada, had brained him by an ash pot of the institution's. Dr. Armeanu was immediately transported by the Police officers, who, according to the first data, would make the criminal record for physical injury, on Dr. Gramada's name.
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