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UMF Business Remains Within the Family

14 Martie 2007
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Stanciu wants Ancuta as a Dean, and Chancellor Covic wants the junior as a Rector. Even though the elections for the managerial functions at UMF should take place in 2008, the families of the offsprings within UMF have started to pull the strings for their sons' preferment in important positions. Dean Carol Stanciu wants Prof. Dr. Anca Trifan remain the dean of the Faculty of Medicine, after offering her the function of manager at the Institute of Gastroenterology, and the chancellor of the university is dealing for his son, Prof. Dr. Adrian Covic, so that the latter could become the Rector. The year 2008 has not come yet but the rich families with relations within the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) "Gr.T.Popa" are already dealing in order to prefer their sons, daughters, mother-in-law or their mistresses for the managerial functions within the high education institution. Shamelessly, the current professors from the University of Iasi, despite the fact that they should have been retired, they do not lay down the academic positions before seeing their close people employed as managers.
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