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UMF's Bribers Prosecuted by DNA

1 Martie 2007
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The representatives of the National Union of the Students of Romania want to organize a flagrant so that to bear down the bribers from UMF. "Together with the representatives from the Police Inspectorate of Iasi County and with the Law Court we are going to organize some flagrant at UMF, because we are stupefied by the money turning over the exams", stated Ionut Ganju, UNSR's vice-president. The National Union of the Students of Romania (UNSR) takes position against the bribery taker- teachers from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF)" Gr. T. Popa" . The representatives of the Romanian Students' Alliance (ASR) Iasi within UNSR have talked to the students in medicine, who are intrigued by the large amounts of money asked by the teaching staff in order to pass the exams.
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