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24 Octombrie 2006
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Despite the governmental support for the termic energy this winter ,the pensioners have to give to the lodgers` association more than half of their retired pay .The ones that remained alone in their flats are in the worst situation.It is the invoice for the rates the blackest nightmare of Georgeta Arnautu,an old woman who,after paying her rates,hardly does she have a rest to buy some food.

They have worked a whole life and now,as pensioners they only survive from hand to mouth with a miserable pension.Not only are the pensioners from Iasi living in misery,but they are also frightfully thinking of the invoices for the rates that are to come this winter.The governmental support does not help them so much,especially the ones that live their last years of life in solitude,in a flat connected to the centralized network of termic energy.

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