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Unprecedented In the Last Years

22 Noiembrie 2006
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Almost unbelivable, a woman from Iasi has taken the files of businessman Cristian Maftei against the Romanian Boating Federation, leaving with them at home. The magistrate who was not attentive when the files were being taken out of the court room would have risked to lose his job unless he had found the papers.

Desperate, the President of the Jury looked for them at all of the ones that had been in the room on the respective day. "I asked him to look for the files inside his bag.He did so and there they were" ,declared magistrate Iulian Danila. The judges accuse the guards. Maftei, the man who had been arrested together with the ex-prefect had refused to pay a debt of some hundred RoLei to the Romanian Boating Federation.

For a lot of years has such a thing happened! Aurica Amarandei , a woman from Iasi, who had been on trial with the lodgers` association , put the files with the case of Cristian Maftei into her bag , and brought them at home without being noticed by anybody. The President of the Jury was on the very point of being dismissed, in case he had not found the files, and the woman could have been put the handcuffs for having stolen the papers.

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