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Up to Budeanu

21 Noiembrie 2006
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Even if having got the legal papers, a family from Iasi is afraid of being thrown away from their own house, as their flat is presented as a centre for one of Ioan Budeanu's companies, the owner's from SC Coselin SA Iasi.

A family of pensioners has been summoned for Ioan Budeanu's trial , at the High Jury. Being panic-stricken , the pensioners think that the Government would take the flat from them, as it is illegally considered a centre for SC Managi SRL Iasi, company which has lately been owned by businessman Ioan Budeanu. As the people cannot go to Bucharest , they believe the judge would take a decision in their detriment. " We can't move and we keep on receiving summons , but we still cannot do anything. We've delivered all the papers coming to this address , Managi SRL , and that's all. The flat is ours .We've exchanged it with our daughter's some years ago ", Constantin Dragan sustains. The files of Magi SRL's bankruptcy -where the investigators have discovered rude forgeries -have arrived at the judges from the High Jury. Through some employees , on whose names the firm had been registered, the owner Budeanu had fictitiously changed the company's documents and its social centre , to a flat owned by some pensioners permanently frightened , waiting for the trial's end.

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