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Using the Prowlers` Language

6 Martie 2007
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Getting said because the reporters from the daily ZIUA of Iasi revealed how he had managed a whole mafia of the commercial spaces, the ex-manager from RAGCL, Constantin Cojocaru, wielded the big stick upon the journalists." You, animal, thick-skin, get out of the unit, ‘cause I won't give you any information. You have nothing to deal with me. Take care what you're doing, who do you think you are?" bowled out Cojocaru, after this calling the watchman of the unit in order to eliminate the journalists. The ex- manager of the Autonomous Department for Communal and Locative Farm (RAGCL), Constantin Cojocaru, confuses the economic unit where he works with his own propriety. Getting extremely angry because one week before the daily ZIUA of Iasi had particularly recounted about the octopus of the commercial spaces which he had managed during his seat as a director, Cojocaru threatened and talked Billingsgate to the signer of these disclosures.
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