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Vanda Condurache NOT On the Air

10 Mai 2007
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The death of Vandal Condurache, the producer from the regional studio of TVR Iasi, which happened yesterday morning, after the taxi in which she was plunged into Ciric Lake, has determined her colleagues, friends and students draw into tears, feel regrets and despair. Tear-filled eyes, glances towards heaven, hands that could show only suffering. "I can't believe it's true. I was expecting her to announce me he arrived at Timisoara, from where she should have traveled by plane to Bilbao. No, it's absurd Val is no longer here...It can't be simply cannot...It's unfair", said, tearfully, the director from TVR Iasi, Vasile Arhire. The grief, the tearing, the deathly silence are words that are not enough at all in order to describe the wave of gloom which was haunting the office of the public television of Iasi immediately after the terrible news about the death of their mate, Vanda Condurache. The famous producer died yesterday morning at about 5.30 a.m., the taxi by which she was going to the Airport plunging into Ciric Lake. From the statements of the spokesman from the Road Police of Iasi, Costel Mandru, there can be concluded that the taxi driver with whom Vanda Condurache was directing towards the Airport plunged directly into Ciric Lake, on the scene not having been noticed any brake evidence. Under these circumstances, the police officers suspect that the driver, Ion Hriscu, aged 50, fell asleep being on the wheel or that he even suffered an infarct, so that the car plunged into Ciric Lake. "We were announced that the cab plunged into Ciric and we immediately went on the scene. When we arrived, we pulled the car out of the water, but the two passengers, the driver, Ion Hriscu, 50 years old, and Vanda Condurache had been already dead. We found no brake evidence on the scene, which means that, either the driver fell asleep, or he suffered an infarct. Only about the necropsy will we know it exactly", stated Sub-inspector General Costel Mandru. The vehicle, a Cielo was marked with the signs of the company Taxicom SA, but the driver, Ion Hriscu, was not this company's employee. Hopelessness In the morning of Vanda's death, the building of TVR Iasi looked like a ghost. The alley Val - as the colleagues would nickname her - used to pace on, closed itself within the pale green. Tear-filled eyes, glances towards heaven, hands that could express only grief. A mourning that tears anyone's heart, even though he might have not met Val, but who would have immediately understood from the tearful faces that an exceptional human being had finished her life prematurely. Nobody could have watched this indifferently. Even in the air there could be sensed the heavy breathing of someone who was looking for a little oxygen that was so vital. But nobody was there to help those lungs which needed air. All perished in this terrible morning. Between Ciric Lake and the office of TVR Iasi - a large bridge, like a rainbow, and the deserted souls froze, knowing that Val would pass through there only in their memories. Memories that live forever. Her friends are looking for her, are waiting for her sign while being on the way, in order to assure them everything is right but there is no one who could say it. Torn hearts, insufficient words, continuous tears, friend calling her, but all is useless. Vanda's Spiritual Children Vanda's children are the the people she formed, for whom she gave her best in order to teach them the secrets of the television. It is these children who are the most affected by the tragic loss of the one who has been not only a mentor, but also a mother. Carla Tompea and Irina Pacurariu are among them. They had no words for expressing anything; gloom had deepened onto their souls. On the hall of TVR, Carla was crying away, hardly standing on her feet. The friends were trying to comfort her in vain. There was a mass of people, trembling, for whom May 9 will be the most horrible day of their life. Carla did not managed to utter anything, her grief being beyond human force. "It' can see me....", and she broke down again, hardly standing on her feet. Neither Carla, nor Irina Pacurariu managed to revive. "I'm speechless...I cannot say anything....Believe me, I'm broken...It is something that a man ...", said Irina Pacurariu weeping. Even the producer from TVR Iasi, Vasile Arhire, a good friend of Vanda's Condurache, could hardly forbore crying. "I can't believe it's true. I was expecting her to find she was at Timisoara, from where she should have flied to Bilbao. No, it's absurd Val is no longer here...It can't be simply cannot...It's unfair...Oh! We are so indebted to her..." confessed Vasile Arhire. Bewilderment, grief and a lot of spiritual tournament.
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