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Vanda Condurache's Last Transmission

11 Mai 2007
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Today at 11 a.m., Vanda Condurache, the producer from TVR Iasi regional branch is being sent off on the last way. All the ones that were close to her, colleagues, friends, students are joining Val - as she used to be nicknamed within TVR's studios - on the last transmission from this life. The Regional Inspectorate of Work (ITM) has begun an investigation in this case. An activity of more than 16 years at the studios of the Romanian Television of Iasi is suddenly breaking today, as the one known as Vanda Condurache, the producer from the mentioned television, is being buried. The ones for whom she was a good-natured colleague and a guide in life, friends and student that he was disposed to direct to the secrets of journalism, will send Vanda Condurache off on her last way. The burial is taking place today, at 11 a.m., at the Jewish Cemetery from Pacurari district.
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