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Vasile Etcu Has Won the Competition for the Sub-prefect

29 Martie 2007
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Vasile Etcu, currently DNA's expert adviser, has won the competition organized for the function of Sub-prefect. The democrat Cristian Angheluta, occupying the second position, has already lodged an appeal. The winner of the competition organized in the first two days of the current week for occupying the function of Sub-prefect of Iasi is Vasile Etcu, the expert adviser for the National Anti- Corruption Department, the central branch. He obtained a total of 182, 7 points after sustaining the written examination and the interview in front of the commission nominated by the National Agency of the Public Clerks (ANFP). On the second position was Cristian Angheluta, the councilman of the Democrat Party's and the regional executive of the Romanian Auto Register.
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