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Villages In Hunger

15 Iunie 2007
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Profiting by the fact that the drought lasts, and the villagers do not have what to feed the animals with, there has appeared a veritable mafia which speculates on this fact. As a mockery, they buy the villagers' animals as a bargain. Not only do these octopuses profit by the villagers' fag, but they also issue no sale and purchase act, buying the animals at a price obtained by "winking". The "approximated" weigh brings profits of billions to these octopuses. "I have sold more than 70 lambs, what could I have done? About 20 sheep died but for the drought, so I had to do something with these lambs. There came some bargain makers with a car, proposing me to sell them some scores of lambs. I gave them away, but I couldn't just stay usefully", stated Ion Florea, a shepherd from Cornele Caprei Commune, Iasi County. There have been already registered a series of cases in which animals died but for the drought.
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