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Vitse Defeated Nichita

16 Decembrie 2006
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Yesterday, the judges from the Legal-Administrative Department of the Court of Iasi approved the action formulated by Benoit Vitse, the director of Tatarasi Athenaeum, and the abeyance of the contest organized for the appointment of director at the Athenaeum.

Benoite Vitse declared himself satisfied by the decision adding that it was a more open dialogue with the Athenaeum his only desire from the mayoralty."Until now, there has not been any dialogue with the mayoralty of Iasi and there should be one. It was absolutely obvious that I was right because neither had I received any address to be fired, nor had it been any vacancies", stated Benoit Vitse. Director Vitse is being charged by the mayoralty with illegally occupying the function of director, as he had not handed in a certain managerial report at time. One of the arguments brought by Benoit Vitse for sustaining the demand for sue, and which influenced the judges, refers to the fact that the appointment of director had been proposed for contest without being vacant. Moreover, he sustains that before the contest he should have been dismissed. Presently, up to the decisive judgement, Benoit Vitse is collecting signatures for remaining on his position, as director. By yesterday, he had already had about 300 signatures. Under the conditions of yesterday`s judgement, the contest would not take place anymore.

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