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Vosganian Chosen as the Regional Leader of the Liberals

15 Ianuarie 2007
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Among other things, Varujan Vosganian has been charged with facing an offensive begun by the new political party led by Theodor Stolojan- the Liberal Democrat Party. The Ministry of Trade is going to administrate a 3 thousand billion investment for the Hydro-energetic Complex on Siret River, nearby Pascani. After the Extraordinary Congress from the end of the last week, Varujan Vosganian could be considered the most powerful Liberal from Moldova, from his new vice-president chair, being in charged with the North-Eastern part of the country. He defeated his rival, Romeo Stavarache, the Mayor of Bacau. "Initially, I had to put in for the chair of vice- president on the economic policy, but it was the party's leader, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, who asked me this, as the branches from Moldova have to be invigorated", stated yesterday the Minister of Trade, Varujan Vosganian.
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