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War Reloaded at Petre Andrei

22 Noiembrie 2006
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The war from "Petre Andrei"University starts again,even more powerful. The rector rejected by the Minister of Education and Research, Niculae Niculescu, has convened a senate`s meeting for this day, where there are going to be addressed very harsh attacks to the universitary staff who contest his function as a rector. In this way, Niculescu infringes the protocol for mediating the universitary conflict, for which he had guarented in front of the ministry`s officialdom. " Niculescu re-opens Pandora`s box.If Jihad is what he wants, Jihad he`ll be given", threatens him Doru Tompea, the dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Social Assistance and Sociology, the main opponent of Niculescu`s.
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