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Wayward Execution

12 Decembrie 2006
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Yesterday, Despina Simionescu tried to evacuate Goethe Zentrum, helped by the police and by executor Constantin Zacornea. Yesterday's afternoon, the centre obtained an injunction for the specific performance's provisional injunction. " We are going to use this injunction in order to evacuate the room in a civilized manner. We are not law breakers to be thrown on the street. Mrs. Simionescu is right, afterall", affirmed Gabriela Linde, director at Goethe Zentrum. Despina Simionescu sustained she would grant the building to the Law Faculty from Cuza, and Goethe Zentrum would be probably moved at Ateneul Tatarasi. The legatee of the Simionescus wanted to sleep in the parental house. The evacuation of the German Cultural Centre from Copou was begun yesterday noon by executor Constantin Zacornea and by lawyer Mihai Lupu. Although having a specific performance warrant, the initial injunction was provisionally deferred yesterday's afternoon.
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