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What's Fortus SA's Bankruptcy For?

2 Mai 2007
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The obscure interests might bring Fortus SA's liquidation. Only the officers from the Finance oppose to the common order issued by AVAS for exempting the ex-CUG Iasi. For these commune orders there has been obtained the European Board's agreement, as it is about grants. The efforts of the current General Manager's, Gheorghe Chisca, are being foiled by an absurd refusal.

The condition of the company Fortus SA Iasi - the ex-Heavy Machinery Factory - is becoming more and more difficult, as it is very close either to the revival of its activity or to its bankruptcy. The obscure interests are foiling the signature of agreement by the officers of the Finance Departments within the Ministry of Economy, related to the commune orders issued by the Authority for Capitalizing the State Assets -AVAS - for scheduling the returning of some debts and the other's exempting.

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