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Who Breaks Health in Iasi

17 Mai 2007
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Yesterday, the daughter of Rector Cristian Dragomir received the function of lecturer for Endodotics, within the Faculty of Dental Surgery. The father has exceptionally broken the law, so that his offspring could become a lecturer and he has derogated. Even though the mates affirm that Dr. Tudor Hamburda, the rival of the rector's daughter, had been much better prepared, the latter lost the appointment from the very beginning, as he had the bad luck to compete with Raluca Dragomir. Yesterday, Dr. Raluca Dragomir, the daughter of Professor Dr. Cristian Dragomir, rector at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) Iasi. Despite the fact she had not met the demands for taking part to this competition, her father, rector Dragomir derogated so that his daughter Raluca could participate. The rector of the University of Medicine has approved an exceptional encroachment so that his offspring could obtain the function of a lecturer.
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