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With "gorillas" at the door

20 Noiembrie 2006
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Yesterday, Relu Fenechiu's group expelled the leader of PNL Harlau , the county conty's counselor Marius Spanu. The decision was not taken in the presence of the majority of the Permanent Delegation, thus Fenechiu and his staff losing ground day by day. Yesterday, PNL's leadership from Iasi forbade the access to the press inside the Prefecture. The father of the Minister of External Affairs Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, Professor Traian Ungureanu , could not enter the hall, being stopped by the "gorillas" guarding the door. This happened in the context that Traian Ungureanu is one of the oldest members of PNL Iasi. Deputy Relu Fenechiu and company made another step towards the great destruction of PNL Iasi :after having expelled the most reliable liberals, respectively the rector of the University " Al.I.Cuza ",Dumitru Oprea, and the dean of The Faculty of Economics and Management, Fenechiu and his staff planned eliminate the municipal organization's leader. It is the counselor Marius Spanu, the leader of PNL Harlau. Yesterday's event provoked many doubts concerning its legality.
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