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The Prostitutes of Iasi Want Brothels

2 Martie 2007
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Looking for clients, early in the morning, on the way to the Motel, the prostitutes of Iasi greet the initiative of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Vasile Blaga, concerning the promulgation of a law for prostitution. Through this normative act there are set up some brothels, the permanent medical examination of the prostitutes and the payment of some income taxes for the respective women. Maybe because it has been in the field for such a long time, should prostitution appear on the list of jobs. There will be pensioners within this domain, at a reasonable age, with wage increments for work conditions. ZIUA of Iasi presents the opinion of some prostitutes of Iasi about the Minister's initiative. Wearing tempting clothes, with their inflected buttocks and their breast blenching out of the T-shirt, the communitarian girls- as they are called by the direct beneficiaries of the sexual services they are offered- train early in the morning on Bucium road. If they feel any threat, they give a signal and they immediately turn back to the street, running away or lapsing into a gesture much more academic than a few moments before.
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