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Slaves in Czech Republic Then Slaves of Justice

2 Februarie 2007
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After managing to escape from the torture and the beastly conditions in which they had been kept in Czech Republic, scores of people from Iasi turned into the slaves of the Justice in Iasi. There have already passed four trial terms and a part of them have never been subpoenaed, the other part having been summoned each time, but none of them having been interrogated.

"After being brought to Czech Republic, I had to take a loan in order to survive, and now I have to waste my time here, at the Court and each and every time I am being told to come next time", stated a victim. An ex-policeman who has been charged with people traffic affirms that he is also being judged for the same crime at Botosani.
Some scores of citizens from Iasi have been taken to Czech Republic for work, where they had been promised they would earn substantially, but they became the slaves of some groups of people traffickers. After managing to escape from the rack and the beastly conditions, the respective persons are now the slaves of the justice in Iasi.

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