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The Billionaire Accountant

23 Iunie 2007
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The accountant from the Railway Hospital has transferred the sum of 3,7 million Lei from the medical unit's account to his personal account. The money represents the earnings of the physicians, of the medical assistants and of the administrative staff within the hospital. The fraud has been found by BRD's representatives, and the policemen are investigating the case. The day when the money was transferred, on June, 12, accountant Rodica Lupu should have left in holiday. Besides this fraud, Rodica Lupu increased her wage, from 7 million lei to 70 million lei, having managed to draw a sum of money from her personal card. The managerial staff of the hospital is affirming that it is about a human mistake and it does not want to severe the employee's contract. Before her employment to the Railway Hospital, Rodica Lupu had been an accountant at SC Almira Company SRL, where she had appropriated the sum of 1,2 billion lei, money she had been forced to pay back by selling her flat from Pacurari district. Rodica Lupu has been promoted by the hospital's managerial staff without any contest, from the function of cashier to the one of accountant. The Ministry of Transport should take notice in order to put an end to the robbery from the Railway Hospital.
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