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The Dodgers' Salaries

6 Februarie 2007
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The daily ZIUA of Iasi exclusively possesses the information on the salary amount of UMF's professors who are to be retired, which is four-five times higher than their colleagues'. Even though Rector Dragomir sustains that UMF is facing an acute financial crisis, he can afford to pay the bonuses for stability and for gradation of merit, both of them of 35 per cent, to the teaching staff that is going to be pensioned, but still working though the right of extension.

A salary overrunning 5000 RON is earned by Rector Dragomir and Dean Stanciu, closely followed by professors Topoliceanu, Zbranca, Mircea Covic, Vice-chancellor Petrescu, Gheorghita Costachescu. In what concerns the tutors, UMF's managerial staff has allocated pittances, between 986 and 1,281 RON, and for the head of works- between 1103 and 1527.
The daily ZIUA of Iasi exclusively presents the salaries of the professors from the University of Medicines and Pharmacy (UMF)" Gr. T. Popa"that should be retired. Incredible: hundreds of teachers from UMF earn pittances without any other bonus, except to the one for seniority; meanwhile the professors who should be pensioned have salaries overrunning 50 million Lei.

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