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Bucharest, 23.03.2007

24 Martie 2007
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On March, 24-25, more than 200 young men from all the member states are coming to Italy's capital in order to take part to the first Meeting of the European Union's Young Men, marking the anniversary of the Agreement from Rome, in 1957. This represents for them an opportunity to expose their views regarding the present Europe and to express their aspirations for the future. The conclusions will be transmitted to the European leaders that are meeting at Berlin concomitantly. The European Parliament, the European Commission, together with the Economic and Social Committee, the Regions' Committee and the European Young Men's Forum have organized together the First Meeting of the EU's Young Men, from Rome, on March, 24- 25, 2007. The event takes place at Campidoglio, the building within which, 50 years ago, there was signed the Agreement from Rome by the six founding states: Italy, Germany, France, Luxemburg, Belgium and Holland. The aim of the Meeting is the appreciation of the European achievements and especially the delineation of an overview upon Europe's future.
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