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Electoral race between a novice and the his master

12 Martie 2008
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Cristian Adomnitei
The candidate of the national liberal party to the municipal seat of Iasi, Cristian Adomnitei has been defeated by his democratic contracandidate Dumitru Oprea, the professor that in 2003 had rejected the student Adomnitei from the post academic economical school ELITEC. Adomnitei and his generation mates, Relu Fenechiu and the former prefect Radu Prisacaru were all three of them rejected from ELITEC. Adomnitei, in the present minister of education, has been defeated in the electoral race for the municipal seat actually by his former professor, Dumitru Oprea.
cristian adomnitei dumitru oprea rejected student adomnitei

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