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The father that has inchained his own children will be arrested

5 Iulie 2007
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The magistrates from Haousecourt of Iasi answered to the proposition of the prosecutors to arrest Marius Gradinariu, the father accused of having inchained his own two children. The prosecutors based all on bad treatments applied to a minor and for depriving of liberty. ". From the chacking made by the minors protection service at the residence didn`t result tests that the dad had ever aggresed the minors. The case is a penal one and there are still a lot of questions to be answered " declared the lawyer Ciprian Corbu. During l` interrogatory Marius Gradinariu pretended to faint. Die Richter haben einen Urteilsspruch erreicht
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un cititor  | #15256
asta e versiune in engleza???...e jenant
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