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Nursling Beaten by His Father for Having Cried

27 Ianuarie 2007
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An eight-month little girl used to be looked for by her father, as her mother had not come to the family, once she turned back from Italy. The baby has been cuffed on her face, head and arms. Another teen age girl whose mother works abroad in Italy has been basted by her father, because the latter did not agree with the idea that his 15 year old daughter could have a relationship with a 19 year old boy. In both cases, the representatives from the Child Protection Department and from Police have begun an investigation. After leaving the hospital, the teen age girl was given for fosterage to her uncle. Yesterday, an eight month suckling from Schitu Duca Commune was brought to Sf. Maria Hospital, after having been beaten by his own father. The father had cuffed his little girl on the face and on the head and he had pressed her aggressively.
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