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One Thousand Inhabitants Locked-out Every Day

4 Ianuarie 2007
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More than five thousand families are going to be deprived by water and warmth. The managerial staff from SC CET Iasi and, implicitly, the one from the Thermal Energy Supply Work have decided in this sense due to the huge debts concerning the invoice payment. "Today we decide to lock-out from water and warmth one thousand families, these action being supposed to continue daily until all the blocks with debts will have been checked-out", exclaimed angrily Constantin Ciofu, Director at UFET Iasi. The Thermal Energy Supply Work of Iasi(UFET) has retaken position concerning the net of blocks indebted to the invoice payment for the thermal energy. Two weeks ago, the managerialship from UFET announced they would lockout from warmth and warm water ten thousand families, but it decided to wait as it was just before the Winter Holiday.
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