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Our Citizens' Problems, Mr. President!

24 Ianuarie 2007
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The capital of Moldova and of the Romanian culture, Iasi County, has presently turned into an area where poverty seems to be home. Moreover, the political interests of the leading camarilla have bent the public service of the county's to a limited group of interests gravitating around the leader of PNL Iasi, Relu Fenechiu, a controversial personality who is being investigated in plenty of penal files, hidden in the drawers, but for a political order. At the same time, the county's economic indicators place Iasi County at the end of the list within Romania, the county becoming the boundary for the European Union not only territorially, but economically. Besides the political bankruptcy of the great factories which have turned into targets for the sharks of the property market, the often scandals between the representatives of the businessmen's organizations have caused this eschewal of the investors' concerning Iasi County. Thus, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iasi has turned, from a representative organization of the county's, into a company managed only by Lawyer Mihail Vlasov, so that the organization has been recently excluded from the structures of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The current disorder concerning the management and the economic sphere do also affect the other public domains of activity. Consequently, but for the underfinancing, the hospitals' rooms from Iasi look the same as the ones from 20 or 30 years ago, doctors use twice-laid machines which imperil the patients' life. Poverty has led to the massive migration of the adults' who have chosen to work abroad. There is a serious problem left: "the children of the strawberries picker" that, as having been neglected by their parents, either give up education or suffer from nervous breakdown, even attempting to commit suicide. The schools from the rural areas look like the medieval hovels, and definitely not like the ones from a country which is a member of the European Union. Cap it all, the first Romanian university center has been confronted with the greatest academic scandals from the national education. Thus, by defying three ministries that have infirmed his function and by taking profit on the authorities' lack of reaction, the false rector from the University "Petre Andrei" is mocking at the students and the professors. The second scandal is the one from The University of Medicines and Pharmacy Iasi, where the salaries of about 30 retired employees amount billions Lei, so that there has been got to diminishing the salaries of the university assistants. Such a salary is less than 200 Euros monthly. Besides the "Hora Unirii" (The Union's Round Dance) and the mass of people meant to bring a supplementary electoral capital to the President, Traian Basescu should give an ear to the problems of the citizens of Iasi and to get involved into finding solutions.
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