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The first step against Dean Stanciu

10 Ianuarie 2007
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After ITM's check, UMF's managership has the date of January, 22 as the deadline for returning to both the teaching and non-teaching staff the illegally holdback money. Deputy Movila declares that he could go up to the execution debt enforcement in case the managers do not return the money to the employees. On the other hand, Senator Dan Carlan said that it is time the Senate proved they did not fight only for their personal interests and they initiated an investigation concerning the governmental allowance execution granted to UMF Iasi. Yesterday, the teaching staff from the University of Medicines and Pharmacy (UMF) "Gr.T.Popa" did not crowd for signing the additional retroactive papers through which they would agree the illegal salaries' decrease in 2006. The address which UMF's managership has sent to the heads of the clinics has provoked disputes among the University's teaching staff.
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