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A scam of 200 million of Euro is blocking the busiest intersection in town. No one will ever have any peace in Iasi. The project is ILLEGAL 

23 Aprilie 2019
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Victor Semionov si Martin Slabbert

• On Teba Industry land, there is going to be built the residential project- Silk District • There have been announced offices with a capacity of 14.000 employees and 2.500 apartments • On the adjacent streets, there is going to be chaos in traffic, since there is going to be a number of at least 15.000 cars • The entire pompous yesterday presentation is nothing but an ordinary blackmail for the City Hall • The representatives of Prime Kapital are optimistic that they will obtain the building permit • The project is blocked in law court and the City Hall of Iasi, reclaims the land • "The notice of opportunity is advisory. I am not going to give up any piece of land, of the heritage of Iasi municipality, if I can recover it. It may belong to Prime Kapital, it may belong even to USA. If we can bring it to Iasi municipality, we will work for that. We won’t take any information for granted, until the law court shall pronounce itself ", said the mayor Chirica. 
• The trial will be judged by the judges of Iasi Law Court, on the date of May 29. 

A real estate project of 200 million of Euros was officially presented yesterday, by the Prime Kapital beneficiary. On the site of 10 hectares that belonged to Teba Industry Ltd., it would be built a residential complex, known as Silk District. The South African officials from Prime Kapital, explained that the first works, would be started in the first quarter of next year and that the entire complex will be completed by 2024. But, there are question marks about the legality of this project. The architects who must have issueed the notice of opportunity, rejected the project, several times. That is, until two weeks ago. Then, they took advantage of the absence of some architects and they voted in speed.  At the same time, according to Prime Kapital presentation, Silk District will have 100.000 square meters of Class A office, which will have a capacity of 14.000 employees. There can be also added 2.500 apartments. In this capacity, it is assumed that in the area, there will appear at least 15.000 cars. 

The developers have stated that these will be housed in specially designated underground parkings. Even so, the road infrastructure on Calea Chisinaului, won’t  handle the large number of motor vehicles. At this time, the traffic is already suffocated by the trucks and the wheelers, which are crossing the road, every day. Even under these conditions, the investors are optimistic, even though Iasi is facing serious pollution problems. 

The land is blocked by a dispute 
Another problem which was avoided in the presentation of the Prime Kapital, refers to a dispute started by the tenants, who were using the space of Teba Industry. They want to cancel the contract of sale-purchase, concluded with the South Africans, claiming the fact that Teba Industry, has not complied with the privatization plan of the former silk factory "Victoria" and that the land, should get in the property of the municipality. The trial will be judged on the date of 29 May, by the magistrates of the Iasi Law Court. "It's absurd. I will not comment on the decision of the local administration. We have full rights. There were invested hundreds of thousands of Euros for the project. Are we doing this with a land that does not belong to us?", said Mihai Vasilescu, a partner of Prime Kapital. 

Within the presentation, there was also present Maggie Kitshoff, manager at Prime Kapital. She added that the project is original and that it won’t be sold after the procurement of the building permit. The mayor Mihai Chirica also commented the opportunity of this real estate project. The mayor explained that he will fight to get the 10 hectares of land, only if the law court will order this thing. 

"In a very correct and legal manner (related to the issuance of the opportunity notification- no). There is no reason of reasonable suspicion, by which we would stop this investment. The opportunity notification does not refer to a legal issue, but to a matter of architectural modeling of an area, which for us, means the same work, done by others. The architects who are present, have the opportunity to express their opinion. The opportunity notification is advisory. But, I will not give any piece of land, of the Iasi municipality patrimony, if I can recover it. It may belong to Prime Kapital, it may belong even to USA. If we can bring it to Iasi municipality, we will work for that. We won’t take any information for granted, until the law court shall pronounce itself ", said the mayor Chirica


Lawyer: "You buy with 400.000 dollars and you sell with 30 million?" 
The lawyer- Dragomir Tomaseschi, the person who attacked the sale performed by Teba Industry, explained that this may be a scam with the State’s assets. He tries to prove that the people from Teba, did not observe the promises within the privatization and that the land of 10 hectares, could not have been traded. "From what I know, the land book is locked in the Cadastre. I do not know what happened. I deny the validity of this attestation certificate. It is unacceptable for the State to lose this land. I invoke the fact that there was paid a low price for privatization, of 400.000 dollars . Teba committed itself to provide jobs, to invest in machines. This thing did not happen. 
After this privatization, the workers were fired. Now,  these guys, got to sell the land altogether with 30 million of Euros. There should be done a fair deal, as it was done at Palas. 
The land belongs to the City Hall and Palas pays for it ", explained Tomaseschi. 

Blackmail at the City Hall? 
Everything that happened yesterday, with the ceremony presentation of an illegal project, was nothing more than an ordinary blackmail against the municipality. The people of Prime Kapital imagine that they can blackmail the City Hall, in order to obtain the necessary approvals, only because they went publically and they showed, see, God, what a beautiful project, they have prepared. In fact, this project is nothing but a real disaster, in terms of urbanism. The whole green space of the area will be destroyed, the traffic in the Teba Industries will be locked (already in this area, the traffic is done quite difficult, in certain hours’ intervals) and all the companies on the Teba platform, in which over 1.000 people, are working right now, will be forced to dismiss their employees. 

Who are the actors 
Teba Industry is a company of the textile industry in Romania. The Teba Industry Group of companies, was formed as a result of an investment, made in Romania, by the Cross Venture, a company, owned by Colombo Group of Switzerland. In 1999 year, the company bought a package of 98.13 percent of the share capital of the Teba Arad Trade Joint Stock Company, which was producing cotton fabrics. 

In March month 2000 year, the group undertook 51 per cent of the share capital of Tomiris Iasi, Trade Joint Stock Company, which was producing fabrics of silk and threads of silk type. At the time of the takeover of the two units, the company was in charge of 6.000 employees. In 2008 year, the company closed the factory in Arad, where there were working 900 people, and it relocated the activity to Iasi. Teba Industry also owns three production facilities in Moldavian Republic. Regarding Prime Kapital, it was founded by Martin Slabbert and Victor Semionov. In the company's portfolio, there is also the Era complex. It involves the extension of the target and the establishment of Mall Moldova. 

In several editions of the newspaper BZI, it was shown that the bridge which connects with the complex, engangers the drivers’ life. The defects in the execution of the works, discovered following the checks, performed even since 2015, have all worsened in the meantime, and the support pillars of the bridge, recorded a movement of more than 40 centimeters, against the initial position. 

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