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The brothels of Iasi

3 Septembrie 2007
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Vasile Blaga, the general secretary of the democratic party supports the legalization of the prostitution. Blaga is also the main promoter of the law for the legalization of prostitution becouse , in his opinion , the brothels represent a manner to increase the economy of the country with almost 1% from PIB. The law provides a work schedule for the prostitutes and the obligation to maintain secret the identity of their clients. The owners of the brothels should have more than 35 years, any criminal or fiscal precedings . This is the fourth time when Romania is trying to legalize the prostitution, after that UE warned that the prostitution is a serious matter that the country is confronting with . In Holland, Belgium, Danemarca, France and Germany, where the prostitution has been legalized, the prostitutes have medical insurance, holiday, retires and mass media advertising to their services is allowed. In Iasi, between the two world wars there were a lot of brothels in Iasi like the the hotels Coroana and Bejan.
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