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Historian Treptow Almost Released

23 Decembrie 2006
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The American historian Curt Wiliam Treptow, in charged with pedophilia, was on the inch of being released from prison yesterday, but the prosecutors interfered on the very last moment, asking for new evidence; nevertheless, very great are the chances for the defendant to be set free immediately after the New Year's Eve. Although unprecedented within the Romanian justice, Treptow is to be released due to the fact he wrote a book during the confinement. His work on Vlad Tepes will remain a reference one, as long as it is certified scientific by the Romanian Academy. The American historian Curt Wiliam Treptow was on the point of being released from prison, but the prosecutors eventually interceded, requiring new evidence, the chances for his discharge after the New Year's Eve still being great. "It would have been great if he had spent his holiday out of prison", declared lawyer Liviu Bran, Treptow's defending counsel.
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