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The Street Drug

11 Ianuarie 2007
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The children from the social centers of Iasi are disappearing each and every day. They turn into some homeless people, bagging, stealing and drugging." It is clear that street is like a drug for them. In case a child lives for one month on the street, he cannot be retrieved anymore. If any institution wanted to do something for a child who can no longer live with his natural family, it should interfere before his running away on street", said Nicoleta Borcila, an welfare worker. There are five minors with criminal records doing foolish things at "Familia Noastra" (Our Family) Center. This is an institution with free access. We can do nothing more to the young vagrants than bringing them back. We cannot punish them, as they have done nothing wrong", stated Vasile Macovei, the Officer Assistant from No.4 Police Department. Taking into account the fact that many are the minors running away from the social centers daily, the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi have tried to find out the reason for their choice of leaving the place where they are given food, clothes and a clean bed. One of the centers of Iasi where the homeless children are housed and taken care is "Familia Noastra" Center, placed on Moara de Vant Street.
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