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There Is Something Fishy at the Panitentiary of Maximum Security

26 Mai 2007
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Yesterday, in an interval of a couple of hours, a prisoner tried to commit suicide twice, by swallowing some Fenobarbital pills and then by cutting on his arms, forearms and thorax with a blade. The state from the Penitentiary of Maximum Security Iasi is really serious, as in only a few months' time, two prisoners each day have been carried to hospital because of a severe intoxication with barb or of multiple wounds on their whole body. Yesterday, another prisoner from the Penitentiary of Maximum Security Iasi was transported to Saint Ioan Emergency, after having tried to kill himself twice on the same day. Early in the morning, the convict was brought to the hospital with a voluntary medicamentary intoxication with Fenobarbital pills. After the physicians from the Emergency Reception Department (UPU) made the medical investigations, they administered him the appropriate treatment and they stabilized his medical condition, the convict was taken to the Penitentiary of maximum Security, as he did not need to be hospitalized. After approximately three hours, the prisoner was taken to the hospital again, as he cut with a blade on his arms, forearms and thorax. He tried to commit suicide the second time in only a couple of hours. As it was nothing but some superficial wounds, the convict did not have to be hospitalized.
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