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Gabriel Surdu, Billionaire in Euros

31 Martie 2007
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Tomorrow, at noon, the businessman of Iasi Gabriel Surdu will be signing a francize contract for a huge gas deposit. Surdu's fortune will reach more than 4 billion Euros. Certain sources from the family of the investor's of Iasi made some important disclosures, but they wanted their names be kept secret. This contract will have very good effects upon the economy of Moldavia region.

There is being expected a spectacular growth in the economic and social level of development.
From tomorrow, the man of business Gabriel Surdu could be considered the richest Romanian, his wealth being estimated to about 4 billion Euros. Practically, tomorrow, about the noon, Gabriel Surdu will be signing the granting papers, for a sum which exceeds 4 billion Euros, for a huge gas deposit, placed in Moldova, its location not having been made public yet. The information given by one of the three children of the businessman's of Iasi- his demand is that of not divulging his name- specifies that the only possible location for the mentioned deposit is Moldova area. "It is somewhere nearby Bacau, but it's me who has found out the place, as I'm a smart girl", stated one of the three children of Gabriel Surdu's. We mention that Gabriel Surdu has three children: two boys and a girl.

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