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The Mistery of the Sub-prefect' s Death

20 Decembrie 2006
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Last evening, around 18 p.m., Sub-prefect Florin Ungureanu was found dead in the depot of the house he had built within the former apple orchard from Miroslava. Near Florin Ungureanu's corpse there was laying his shot-gun. The bullet perforated his skull, penetrating under the mandible.

It is said that a suicide is possible as he might have found out he suffered from cancer. Two days ago, Ungureanu was excided a ganglion from the throat zone. Still, a less credible hypothesis refers to a complaint lodged by Floarea Danescu, to whom there had been retroceded 20 hectares in Copou, al-though two years before she had been repossessed in Movileni commune. During the first months of his seat, Florin Ungureanu dealt with the land re-sources at the Prefecture of Iasi.


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