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Love With Frock

21 Aprilie 2007
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Such a rare love affair was revealed to the Police officers of Buzau four nights ago. When stopping in the traffic a cab, they disclosed the relationship between a nun from a monastery of Ilfov and the abbot from a monastery of Suceava. The love affair between the monastery's abbot of Suceava and the monastery's nun of Ilfov was showed up four days ago by the Police officers from Buzau. This love story began in 2004, and in the spring of 2006, the idyll between the two representatives of the Church materialized through a child who was born at "Elena Doamna" Maternity of Iasi. They have tried as much as they could to hide the fruit of their love, a baby who is 11 months now.
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George SMADU  | #11598
nu se spune "love affair" ci se spune love story caci love affair se spune atunci cand cei doi comit un adulter, ori amandoi erau necasatoriti.
Manastirea de maici se spune convent si doar cea de calugari se spune monastery. Calugar se spune monk si nu abbot.

They uncovered si nu they disclosed
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