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Landowner at RAJAC

8 Martie 2007
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In July, the Manager of the County Autonomous Department for Water and Drain, Ioan Toma, will encash from the citizens' money a bonus of 324 million Lei (34, 200 RON) for having answered to the performances imposed by the County Board. This happens under the conditions that a group of experts proved yesterday that he would be able to make the fence around RAJAc's head office with only 7 billion Lei (700 thousand RON) instead of 10 billion Lei, as Toma had estimated initially.

A manager from Iasi is mocking at the citizens, and no authority disturbs him. Ioan Toma, the Manager from the County Autonomous Department for Water and Drain (RAJAC), invents each year all kind of reasons in order to justify the rise in the price of the drinking water, but he is not discomforted to encash bonuses of hundreds billion Lei.

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